Christopher T.

When I met Justin, I was recently dumped by a manipulative woman. Although being dumped was the best thing for me, I questioned who I was as a person. I needed to reinvent the man on the outside. I needed to build some confidence. Justin was the solution. Justin helped me rebuild the man on the outside and therefore improve the man on the inside. I wasn't "out of shaped" but I wasn't "in shape" either. I was skinny, non-attractive. I was 6' 1.5" and weighed 180 lbs. What some may consider to be a dork. In 3 months Justin put 15lbs of muscle on me. I only went to Justin twice a week. He made me a stud. I love working out, I loved pushing weights. Justin taught me more. We taught me about slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles and how to work both. The most important thing I learned from him however, is nutrition. He taught me that there is no such thing as a diet. A "diet" is temporary. Justin does "lifestyle" changes. Changing how I looked and thought about food, which changed me on the inside and out. Being fit is 70% nutrition and 30% working out. Justin believes and emphasizes that! He listened to my goals and he understood where I wanted to be and he made sure I got there. If I didn't get results it wasn't because he was inaccessible or an inadequate trainer, it would have been solely on me. He wasn't money hungry, he was passionate about people. He became more than a trainer to me, he became my friend. I could go on forever about Justin and how great of a trainer he is. I could never repay Justin for what he did for me. Justin Campbell is going to be a world renown trainer someday. He is going to train athletes and celebrities. He will get this because he knows the human body and he is professional. I consider it a badge of honor, a highlight of my life to state that I was trained by Justin Campbell. I suggest everyone to hurry up and workout with him before we lose the chance to associate with a honest, good human. There needs to be more trainers and people like him.

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Graciett R.

Hiring Justin was the best decision I could have made. Not only is he incredibly friendly and knowledgable, he is also extremely punctual and flexible with helping you meet your needs. He caters to your specific requests and makes every workout challenging yet different so you don't get bored with the same routine. It's only been a few weeks but I'm already starting to see some progress and I'm confident he will get me where I want to be. As if that wasn't enough, he also offers continual support throughout the day/week as needed. If you're looking for someone who is invested in your success, Justin is the guy to choose.


William G.

Its been a pleasure working with Justin the past couple of weeks!! My story: 18 months ago I encountered a serious health issue that led to a pretty invasive abdominal surgery. The surgery was successful but my fitness routine was completely derailed. I was cleared to workout but was lost, depressed and needed help. So, I reached out a month ago and met Justin who took the time to understand my history, concerns and goals. He created a custom workout that is always different, fun to do, and EXACTLY what I needed. In addition, he is always on time, polite, professional and fun to talk to. Thanks to Justin, I'm totally getting my mojo back and excited to keep going! I highly recommend HIM!! - Bill  


Kathleen G.

I contacted Justin because at age 52 and having 5 children I was not as toned and had hit a road block in weight loss. Justin created a grocery list for me, meal plan and exercise regimen. I am astounded that he is always available to coach me and answered my texts throughout the day. At 5:30 am I checked in and at dinner. I'm losing weight, learning the proper way to eat and feel great. I've tried countless plans. I recommend Justin highly.


Julie K.

Working with Justin as my personal trainer was one of the best decisions i could make. We accomplished the goals I set and more. Always supportive and encouraging, Justin went above and beyond always answering all questions and coming up with multiple ways of doing things. I would definitely work with Justin again and would highly. recommend him to anyone who is looking for a highly. motivated, ever encouraging dedicated personal trainer.


Steven K.

I absolutely recommend Justin. He is the best trainer I've worked with, professional, on time, knowledgeable.


Carla R.

Having JUSTIN as my online personal trainer for a month was amazing! I learned so much about my body, nutrition, and exercise. Ariel is very knowledgeable and helped me understand my body better which is why I was able to accomplish as much as I did in one month. The fact that I lost 13lbs in one month and started to see my body getting stronger, leaner, healthier and have more energy was truly unbelievable! I have never been completely comfortable in my own skin until now. JUSTIN did not just throw a meal and exercise plan at me. HE was there to hold me accountable and teach me about nutrition and exercise which is what made what I thought was impossible, possible. Nutrition and exercise has become a lifestyle for me. I am still working towards my goal and have the knowledge to keep going thanks to JUSTIN!

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