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Bulletproofing Your Immune System

Before I get started, I have to express that this post is not meant to treat any diseases or cure any underlying problems, this is merely an informational post which "may" help with the problems ahead of us.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm going to talk a bit about the Covid-19 virus and our immune systems in this post. I find this to be a relevant topic since we're on the cusp of a pandemic, well... already in the middle of a pandemic but we're not supposed to say that yet according to the WHO (World Health Organization).

I know, I know, I'm rolling my eyes at that statement too!

I would talk more about the reason for this and about how the World Bank has pandemic bonds that come due this June BUT that's not what we're here for right? Instead, I'll leave you a link on that here so you can go fall down that rabbit hole yourself.

With people getting sick and dying all around the world I want to take this time to break down some of the biology of this virus and give you guys some tips in order to protect yourself incase it comes too close for comfort.

So what is the Covid-19?

The Covid-19 virus is part of a large group of viruses called "coronavirus" which is known to cause illness in both humans and animals. There are four main sub-groupings of this virus, known as alpha, beta, gamma and delta. First identified in the mi-1960s, a couple of these coronaviruses commonly circulate in the USA and around the world. This form of virus typically affects the lungs and is known cause upper respiratory distress. Typical symptoms include fevers, shortness of breath, coughing, a runny now and in some instances, a much more serious illness. This new or "novel" coronavirus is one of these such viruses.

Originating this past December, 2019 (hence the 19 in Covid-19) in Wuhan, China, this virus has spread around the world like wildfire. Though most cases can be mild, it definitely has a darker side and can be deadly. As of writing this, there are currently 378 cases in the United states with 19 deaths. Even though the WHO has come out recently stating that the current global mortality rate of this virus is ~3.4%, it is currently ~5% here in our country based on reported cases so far. This is obviously not good.

So what makes it so contagious and more importantly, more deadly?

This new novel coronavirus actually has several means of transmission which is one of the reasons it is so easily contracted. Comparing this virus to the influenza virus you're probably familiar with, we use the "basic reproduction number" or R0 (pronounced R-naught) scale. The flu has an R0 value of 1.3 meanwhile the covid-19 virus has an R0 value of 2-3 with some countries claiming it's as high as 6. Even though it's mostly spread through small droplets, according to the WHO, fecal shedding has been seen in some patients as well which is also why this number is so high.

Yeah, you read that right, it spreads through poop too.

You see, when you cough or sneeze, tiny microscopic droplets are shot out of your body at a very high rate of speed. These droplets a forced out so dramatically that they can actually travel as far as 6-9 feet from their origin. While this is what the primary route of transmission is, something is very different about this disease. This virus can also be caught through the eye. This happens by means of the superficial blood vessels within the conjunctiva or the membrane covering the eye.

Apart from its contagion, the mortality rate of this disease is also very high. In comparison with the flu, this disease is much more deadly. Currently sitting at a fatality rate of 3.4%, the influenza virus typically fluctuates between .01%-.05% in any given season. The reason for such a vast difference, is that this virus causes such respiratory distress that it actually makes the body's oxygen levels decline while simultaneously damaging different parts of the lungs. In some patients, oxygen levels in the body drop so low that systematic organ failure is seen because of asphyxiation.

Scary stuff...

There is hope though, aside from a possible vaccine being released to the public in as little as 18-24 months, you can do something at home to protect yourself now. Certain foods and supplements actually have anti-viral effects which can help starve off this infection or at the very least, lessen the symptoms. Now, this of course is speculative because this is a new virus and not many of these products, if any, have actually been attempted to help current patients suffering from this disease.

"Then why am I reading this," you might ask?

Well, these items I'm going to disclose here have been proven to lessen symptoms and even treat other terrible viruses in some cases. Keeping the immune response as healthy as possible is the key and the combination of some of these items paired with healthy habits and good hygiene may be the difference between a severe case and a mild one.

Even though there are very few treatments, allopathic or natural that can kill a virus outright and instead, must be allowed to "run its course," these items are as close to stopping a virus as Mother Nature gets:

Colloidal Silver - Utilized as medicine for as long as man (and woman) has existed, colloidal silver has been show to treat a wide range of ailments and was even used during the outbreak of the bubonic plague. This is basically a suspension of pure silver in water currently used in holistic treatment of HIV/AIDS. Essentially, this works by interfering with the enzymes that allow the virus to utilize oxygen, in turn, suffocating it.

Echinacea - One of the stronger immune system supports, this has shown to have direct anti-viral actions against viral bronchitis. The roots and flowers are the most effective parts and is sometimes made into tinctures and then added to water or other fluids before ingesting.

Garlic - This is one everyone should be familiar with. Touted as the strongest natural anti-viral on the planet, this is composed of two compounds, allicin and alliion which are responsible for the reputation it has. Unfortunately, to get this benefit, fresh garlic must be used because these two compounds degrade rather quickly which also means that they can't be cooked. A favorite recipe of mine is to grate 2-4 cloves of garlic, add some fresh olive oil, salt, pepper, and some parmesan then use it as a dip for bread or something similar.

Olive Leaf - This is another very strong anti-viral because it contains elenoic acid and calcium elonate. These two substances act as a very strong inhibitor of viruses and block the enzymes that allow viruses to replicate in the body.

Last but not least....

Oregano - This herb has been used in a wide range of treatments because of the compound carvacrol which offers anti-viral properties. In a study, this plant along with isolated carvacrol reduced the activity of norovirus within 15 min. It's even been shown to have anti-viral activity against respiratory syncytial, rotavirus in children and herpes.

Though this is a small list, these are some of the strongest compounds on the planet, which demonstrate documented anti-viral properties. By no means am I saying this will this cure covid-19 but it "may" help to fight it off or even prevent onset in the first place. Good hygiene and healthy habits are always the most important aspects of avoidance but at this point, we don't know very much about this virus so stacking up supplements that are proven to work with similar viruses can't really hurt.

Stay healthy my friends and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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