Digital Programming


How it Works

In today's fast paced world, we know that meeting a trainer for every session isn't always feasible or even wanted in some cases, this is why we have created a way to give you all the valuable aspects of having a trainer without ever having to schedule a time with one. 

Once you sign up for digital programming, you will receive a small welcome pack via email. This pack will include a short consultation form in which your trainer will use to structure the perfect plan according to the equipment you have access to, goals that you, yourself set, and also any previous injuries that you may want to avoid. 

After getting set up, Your trainer will have a fully laid out schedule in the calendar section of the app. This will help you plan your weeks accordingly and your trainer will receive a message every time you check in for a workout. This also means that they will know when you decide to skip a workout which will help with accountability in the long run.

The app fully integrates with "Myfitnesspal" which will also allow your trainer to see the foods you're choosing to eat. This will allow them to better help coach you on proper dietary choices along your journey. There is also a place for recording your daily weigh ins, uploading progress photos, and also recording tape measure readings. 

After each workout you will be able to see all the stats of that workout from the time it took to complete, new personal bests, total volume moved, and also any progress you've made since the last time you completed the same workout. 


Starter Pack 

- Fully integrated app

- 2 check ins/week

- full tailored program

- simple dietary guide

- 1 program/workout edit

- Bi-weekly Progress photo review

Elite package

- Fully integrated app

- Daily Check ins

- Full tailored program

- Advanced dietary guide

- Round the clock dietary help

- Unlimited Program edits

- weekly Progress photo review